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We are an Influencer Marketing Agency based in Malaga.
We have been operating in the international market since 2018.

We have completed more than 1,000 international advertising projects.

We have more than 500 employees.

Our numbers back us up: our short experience and new way of working.

Step by Step


TuManag3r is born...

TuManag3r started in 2018 with Vicente Mirasol as chairman of the project, we started working with a small group of about 20 influencers friends specialised in videogames.


Business model validation

Word soon spread of the birth and growth of tumanag3r and it was thanks to the trust of its first customers that tumanag3r was able to validate its model, growing from 20 in 2019 to a network of around 50 national youtubers.


Customer loyalty and growth

At the same time, we started to build loyalty with our clients who decided to try our services, so it was a reciprocal growth, both brands and influencers trusted our work. This led us to the beginning of 2020 with a total of about 150 closed campaigns and about 100 influencers in our network.


Our numbers speak for themselves
Successful advertising campaigns
Independent collaborating influencers
We are growing exponentially compared to 2020

Meet our team

Vicente Mirasol Villalobos


Passionate about the world of influencers. I have been an influencer for 3 years, this has allowed me to acquire contacts in the world of YouTube and new knowledge,

Working as a youtuber and having a close contact with them has allowed me to know the real problems they have when dealing with a brand and the solution to persuade them and solve those problems.

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