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TuManag3r supports the Málaga Expo 2027 candidacy

Last April 2023, our international influencer marketing agency TuManag3r, officially presented its support and adhesion to Malaga's candidacy for Expo 2027, by accepting the invitation made by Malaga City Council to all Malaga companies to join together to make this project a reality for our city.

Malaga, presents its candidacy for EXPO 2027, under the slogan "The Urban Era: Towards the sustainable city. Citizenship, Innovation and Environment". This candidacy has the backing of the Spanish Government and the Andalusian Regional Government, with all the public administrations united to achieve it, and from the business sector, we wish for the same unity, for Malaga.

The 2027 International Expo would open a process of transformation for Malaga, where this world event could mean the materialisation of more than 1,100 million euros in new infrastructures for the city.

Malaga is presented as a model for urban planning, where mobility, the organisation of services and urban development can be carried out in terms of environmental sustainability. This environmental sustainability is linked to economic activity and social action, under an educational strategy to establish a new culture.

TUMANAG3R, wishes to join and support these initiatives, as our business principles are linked to environmental sustainability, and we wish from the world of influencer marketing, to create in the medium term a Hub specialised in this new area, and to address these issues, and collaborate in the social and educational strategy of these principles, so necessary for a new world.

TUMANAGER is a young company where we believe that another model of city is possible, respecting our environment and using technology.

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