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"TuManag3r", participates as a speaker at the VIDCON Mexico 2023 convention, held in August

From 11 to 13 August 2023, the second edition of VidCon Mexico 2023 was held, in which our International Influencer Marketing Agency, represented by its CEO, Vicente Mirasol Villalobos participated in the same, invited as a speaker.

VIDCON MEXICO, the world's largest convention of digital content creators, was held at the emblematic Centro CitiBanamex in Mexico City. The event will be held in Mexico City where the most popular content creators, their fans and industry professionals come together in one place to celebrate the magic of digital culture.

The Industry Track featured 33 keynotes, talks, panels, workshops and Q&A sessions. where platform and brand experts shared their knowledge and best practices on how to leverage economic opportunities, grow in social media and increase their impact in the digital world. Topics covered included music, branded content, digital streaming, news of the future, influencer marketing, digital entrepreneurship, network monetisation, eSports, gaming, the creator economy, and the future of social media.

Within these conferences, TUMANAG3R, participated in the session held on 11 August 2023, in the presentation: "Industry Track: Networking in 120 seconds: meet your next partner, client or agency".", in which our CEO, Vicente Mirasol Villalobos, participated as a speaker.The event was attended by Martín Domínguez (CEO of, Byron Reyes (CEO of Creatours), Alessandro Pino (CEO of Live Events Media) and Martín Domínguez (CEO of, Mariel Montini  (Managing Director Raw Talent) and Migue Wiernes Angeluk (CEO We Latam) and in which he shared his experience with the attendees of the event. VIDCON🔎

Over the course of 3 days, more than 100 panels, Q&A sessions and live workshops of Mexico and Latin America's favourite content creators. Also taking place were 39 Meet & Greet sessions plus performances by artists such as ALONG, Alan Navarro, KAY presented by American Eagle.

 More than 100 content creators participated in the convention. inspired us with their experiences, knowledge and passion. El Mariana, Rivers, AriGameplays, Germán Garmendia, Juan Guarnizo, Chingu Amiga, Paco De Miguel, Daniela Rodrice, Andrés Johnson, Calle y Poché, Memelas de Orizaba and La granja del borrego, were some of the most acclaimed content creators who electrified the event.

On the other hand, the Community Track, presented more than 70 workshops and question and answer sessions. and answers where platforms, brands and creators came together in a single space to address topics such as: Young Adult platforms, overcoming burnout, building digital communities, digital Mexican pop culture, going beyond social media, among others.

The Expo featured +20 participating brands such as Telcel, Snapchat, American Eagle, Squicshmallows, Canon, N+ Media, Spotify, Hotmart, Genomalab, Marinela, Pinterest, HBO MAX, Penguin Random House, in addition to Paramount brands such as Paramount+, Pluto TV, MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central, who offered immersive experiences at their booths.

More information about VIDCON Mexico 2023 on our LinkedIN of TUMANAG3R:
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