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New corporate identity image of TuManag3r

Last April 2023, our international influencer marketing agency, "TUMANAG3R, INFLUENCERS MANAGEMENT AGENCY, SL". (TUMANAG3R), we are launching and presenting a new logo that shows our corporate identity.

Our logotype maintains our 3 identity colours which are white, Pantone blue and black, although we visually reinforce the "TU" and the "3", separating the set of 3 anagrams, which are the basis of our activity: TU-MANAG3R-3. .

The "YOU" We reinforce it with the colour blue, which conveys confidence, but we emphasise it because one of our values as a company is closeness, both to our clients, influencers and our partner agencies. That is why we highlight the "3" in the same way, as we consider that an advertising campaign will be successful and the public will be receptive if the brand (or client), the advertising agency and the influencer (communicator) are perfectly coordinated and work as a team to achieve this objective, which will be beneficial for the 3 agents involved.

The "T" isotype introduced in the "M", shows a reinforcement of our message where "YOU" - "MANAG3R", shows a very relevant strength of unity and we believe that the conjunction of the Blue, with the white space and the black, reinforces our 3 pillars, in a visual way and transmits a lot of strength of confidence, credibility and professionalism of our work.

For the new design, we have counted on our collaborator, Adrián Hevia (, a highly experienced graphic designer and expert in enhancing the image and identity of brands, We are very satisfied with the work they have done, as their design has captured the idea we wanted to convey. From Tumanag3r, we love art and design, and we are proud to have professionals of this level. We would like to recommend their Instagram,, where he educates us and teaches us the stories of the brands. Who knows, maybe, in the next few years, TUMANAG3R will be part of your post...WE GROW...We grow...

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